Wonder Egg Priority

Following the suicide of her best and only friend, Koito Nagase, Ai Ooto is left grappling with her new reality. With nothing left to live for, she follows the instructions of a mysterious entity and gets roped into purchasing an egg, or specifically, a Wonder Egg. Upon breaking the egg in a world that materializes during her sleep, Ai is tasked with saving people from the adversities that come their way. In doing so, she believes that she has moved one step closer to saving her best friend. With this dangerous yet tempting opportunity in the palms of her hands, Ai enters a place where she must recognize the relationship between other people’s demons and her own. As past trauma, unforgettable regrets, and innate fears hatch in the bizarre world of Wonder Egg Priority, a young girl discovers the different inner struggles tormenting humankind and rescues them from their worst fears. [Written by MAL Rewrite]

User Rating : 7.74



Alternative Titles
Title : Wonder Egg Priority
English : None
Japanese : ワンダーエッグ・プライオリティ
Synonyms :

Type : TV
User Rating : 7.74
Episodes : 12
Premiered : winter 2021
Aired : Jan 13, 2021 to Mar 31, 2021
Airing Status : Finished Airing
Genres : Drama, Fantasy
Duration : 23 min per ep
Rating : R – 17+ (violence & profanity)
Broadcast : Wednesdays at 01:29 (JST)
Producers : Aniplex , D.N. Dream Partners
Licensors : Funimation
Studio : CloverWorks
Source : Original
Season : winter
Themes : Psychological
Demographics : None
Rank : 1000
Popularity : 264
Members : 617374
Favorites : 8208

Characters & Voice Actors

Aonuma, Neiru
Kusunoki, Tomori
Kawai, Rika
Saitou, Shuka
Ooto, Ai
Aikawa, Kanata
Sawaki, Momoe
Yano, Hinaki


Wakabayashi Shin

Fujita Akiko
Sound Director

Ushijima Shinichirou
Episode Director

Yamazaki Yuuta
Episode Director
Assistant Director

Nojima Shinji
Original Creator

Shinohara Keisuke

Theme Songs

“Sudachi no Uta (巣立ちの歌)” by Anemoneria (アネモネリア)
“Life is Cider (Life is サイダー)” by Anemoneria (アネモネリア)
User : RebelPanda
overall : 4 story : 3 animation : 9 sound : 8 character : 3 enjoyment : 1
Review : *This review contains spoilers* I had such high hopes for Wonder Egg Priority. I praised its first few episodes like it would be the best anime of the year. If only I could go back in time and prepare myself for a massive disappointment. Before someone tells me, “You didn’t understand the symbolism and metaphors.” I understood it, but I don’t think it’s as deep as people say. The symbolism is either so blatant you barely need to do any thinking or so vague that it becomes pretentious. It’s like …
User : BayraktarTB2
overall : 3 story : 0 animation : 0 sound : 0 character : 0 enjoyment : 0
Review : This anime reminds me of an art-house film. One very specific art-house film – Garden State. The one about which a classic said, “If cancer were pretentious, it would be Garden State.” Wonder Egg Priority with its bumbling attempts to be profound invokes the same familiar feeling of a student movie way over its head. “The MC’s name is Ohto Ai because she has an Odd Eye, did you get it?” “What could this giant close-up of a lily flower possibly mean in an anime about teen girls, wink, wink?” “The…
User : Kalo_Dawg
overall : 9 story : 9 animation : 9 sound : 8 character : 9 enjoyment : 9
Review : IN SUMMARY: gorgeous visuals, incredible animation, good OST, spot-on voice acting, a compelling interesting story, no senseless fan service – so far, this show has been really good 9/10 -Gorgeous visuals which are almost on the same level as anime movies (my only complain is the 3d knife-wielding leprechauns, which, to be honest, still look good) -Incredible super fluid sakuga (that episode 2 fight animation was simply godlike; even outside of fights, the animation is so freaking beautiful and …

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