Tonikaku Kawaii

Nasa Yuzaki is determined to leave his name in the history books. Ranking first in the national mock exam and aiming for a distinguished high school, he is certain that he has his whole life mapped out. However, fate is a fickle mistress. On his way home one snowy evening, Nasa’s eyes fall upon a peerless beauty across the street. Bewitched, Nasa tries to approach her—only to get blindsided by an oncoming truck. Thankfully, his life is spared due to the girl’s swift action. Bleeding by the side of an ambulance, he watches as the girl walks away under the moonlight—reminiscent of Princess Kaguya leaving for the moon. Refusing to let this chance meeting end, he forces his crippled body to chase after her and asks her out. Surprised by his foolhardiness and pure resolve, the girl accepts his confession under a single condition: they can only be together if he marries her! [Written by MAL Rewrite]

User Rating : 7.92



Alternative Titles
Title : Tonikaku Kawaii
English : TONIKAWA: Over the Moon For You
Japanese : トニカクカワイイ
Synonyms : Generally Cute , Fly Me to the Moon

Type : TV
User Rating : 7.92
Episodes : 12
Premiered : fall 2020
Aired : Oct 3, 2020 to Dec 19, 2020
Airing Status : Finished Airing
Genres : Comedy, Romance
Duration : 23 min per ep
Rating : PG-13 – Teens 13 or older
Broadcast : Saturdays at 01:05 (JST)
Producers : Shogakukan-Shueisha Productions , Warner Bros. Japan , KlockWorx , Shogakukan , Crunchyroll SC Anime Fund
Licensors : Crunchyroll
Studio : Seven Arcs
Source : Manga
Season : fall
Themes : None
Demographics : Shounen
Rank : 677
Popularity : 301
Members : 569885
Favorites : 8557

Characters & Voice Actors

Yuzaki, Nasa
Enoki, Junya
Yuzaki, Tsukasa
Kitou, Akari
Arisugawa, Kaname
Serizawa, Yuu
Arisugawa, Aya
Uesaka, Sumire


Ikehata Hiroshi

Motoyama Satoshi
Sound Director

Yoshida Shunji
Episode Director

Theme Song Arrangement
Theme Song Composition
Theme Song Lyrics

Theme Song Performance

Kitou Akari
Theme Song Performance

Theme Songs

“Koi no Uta (feat. Tsukasa Tsukuyomi) (恋のうた (feat. 由崎司))” by Yunomi feat. Tsukasa Tsukuyomi (Akari Kitou)
“Tsuki to Hoshizora” by KanoeRana
User : RebelPanda
overall : 3 story : 2 animation : 4 sound : 5 character : 2 enjoyment : 3
Review : If you have extreme opinions about Tonikawa: Over the Moon For You, I suggest you do not read this review; it may make you angry. I will fully admit I am not the target audience of this anime. Even though it made me want to die, I finished it so you don’t have to. One cold winter night, a high school student named Nasa gets hit by a truck. Lucky for him, a girl intervenes and saves his life. It’s love at first sight. He instantly confesses his love for her. The girl, Tsukasa, agrees to become hi…
User : Stark700
overall : 8 story : 7 animation : 8 sound : 8 character : 9 enjoyment : 8
Review : This year, 2020, had a strange phenomenon of rom-coms. We had ‘Science Fell in Love, So I Tried to Prove It’ at the beginning of the year, where the idea of romance became an experiment as part of its storyteller. Spring dropped us into a fantasy world of reverse harem and otome tropes with My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Led to Doom. And of course, let’s not forget Summer 2020 that gave us ‘Kanojo, Okarishmasu’ a rom-com with relationships based on lies. Fall 2020 decided to give us a …
User : dadnaya
overall : 10 story : 10 animation : 8 sound : 8 character : 9 enjoyment : 10
Review : Tonikaku Kawaii is a masterpiece, and for a romance fan I believe it hits all the right buttons. The problem that usual romance anime have is that they usually focus on the “chase” part, and the whole hook is “Will they won’t they [get together]”. As a result, we get a 1 cour anime with an ending that hopefully has them holding hands, and usually they’re not even getting together. (“Go read the manga” ending) Luckily for Tonikaku Kawaii, we’re getting a married couple from the get go. Which mean…

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