Soul Eater NOT!

Soul Eater NOT! is a spin-off and side story that takes place one year prior to the events of the original Soul Eater. At the Death Weapon Meister Academy, humans born with the power to transform into weapons and those with the power to wield these weapons (Meisters) train to hone their natural talent. The characters of the main series are enrolled in the Especially Advantaged Talent class, where they train to become warriors of justice capable of defeating what threats prey on innocent lives—or even the entire world. Other students at the DWMA are less talented. Members of the Normally Overcome Target class focus less on being warriors of justice and more on controlling their powers so they don’t hurt themselves or anyone around them. Tsugumi Harudori, a new halberd-transforming student, meets Meisters Meme Tatane and Anya Hepburn and quickly grows indecisive about which of the two new friends should be her partner. As they learn to use these powers and settle in, their lives as everyday students will be far from normal.

User Rating : 5.9



Alternative Titles
Title : Soul Eater NOT!
English : None
Japanese : ソウルイーターノット!
Synonyms : SEN!

Type : TV
User Rating : 5.9
Episodes : 12
Premiered : spring 2014
Aired : Apr 9, 2014 to Jul 2, 2014
Airing Status : Finished Airing
Genres : Action, Comedy, Supernatural, Ecchi
Duration : 23 min per ep
Rating : PG-13 – Teens 13 or older
Broadcast : Wednesdays at 01:40 (JST)
Producers : TV Tokyo , Dentsu , Square Enix , Sony Music Communications
Licensors : Funimation
Studio : Bones
Source : Manga
Season : spring
Themes : None
Demographics : Shounen
Rank : 9313
Popularity : 1008
Members : 189980
Favorites : 196

Characters & Voice Actors

Harudori, Tsugumi
Chisuga, Haruka
Hepburn, Anya
Hayami, Saori
Tatane, Meme
Yuuki, Aoi
Albarn, Maka
Omigawa, Chiaki


Hashimoto Masakazu
Series Composition

Wakabayashi Kazuhiro
Sound Director

Terahigashi Katsumi

Chisuga Haruka
Theme Song Performance

Dancing Dolls
Theme Song Performance

Hayami Saori
Theme Song Performance

Theme Songs

“monochrome” by Dancing Dolls!!
“Yuugure Happy Call (夕暮れハッピーゴー)” by Tsugumi Harudori (CV: Haruka Chisuga), Meme Tatane (CV: Aoi Yuuki), Anya Hepburn (CV: Saori Hayami)

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User : Veronin
overall : 5 story : 5 animation : 7 sound : 7 character : 6 enjoyment : 6
Review : *Minor spoilers ahead* What is Soul Eater Not supposed to be? Is it a yuri slice-of-life made to appeal to people unfamiliar with the original Soul Eater, or is it a necessary part of the Soul Eater canon, aimed at those who enjoyed the action and drama of the original series? The answer to that question remains a mystery. I’m not even convinced the author of the manga understands what he’s working on. Soul Eater Not is an exercise in mediocrity. It is a gust of wind with no particular destinati…
User : Simok123
overall : 7 story : 7 animation : 6 sound : 7 character : 7 enjoyment : 8
Review : The title “Soul Eater NOT!” should give you a warning if you’re coming to this show expecting an action shonen like Soul Eater. It’s exactly as it says it is, for the most part, its NOT Soul Eater. But does it NOT being Soul Eater make it automatically bad? Not at all. This is a fun experience and definitely a worthy prequel to Soul Eater, even if its not quite the same. Story(7) If you didn’t already know, the whole concept of Soul Eater is about these kids that to go a school where they learn …
User : pepeko
overall : 3 story : 5 animation : 7 sound : 6 character : 3 enjoyment : 3
Review : Soul Eater was an okay show. Soul Eater NOT!, however, is NOT an okay show at all. Hell, even the title is a good indicator. You see the word NOT? Honestly I see it as a sign. Do NOT watch this show. It’s NOT worth your time. It’s NOT Soul Eater. Okay, let’s just move on to the review. Story: 5/10 The story is just complete… meh. This girl discovers that she’s a weapon, so she goes to this academy so she can sort herself out. She meets some friends and they have adventures together inside of t…

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