Shikkakumon no Saikyou Kenja

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At birth, mages randomly acquire one of the four “crests” that represents the extent of their magical capability. Equipped with a crest specializing in creation, a man named Gaius reached the ceiling of his potential, becoming known as the world’s strongest sage. Despite his overwhelming power, he is unsatisfied with his abilities and desires to possess the mark suitable for close combat. Knowing that a person’s crest is unchangeable, Gaius decides to reincarnate far into the future, hoping to alter his fate. Thousands of years later, Gaius is reborn as Mathias Hildesheimer, successfully obtaining his long-coveted crest. However, he is surprised to learn that in these times, magic has vastly waned, and the techniques that were once widely used are now nothing more than just a speck of legend. Moreover, the crest that he painstakingly strived to attain is now considered the weakest—merely dubbed the “Crest of Failure.” Nevertheless, Mathias naturally exceeds all expectations. He enrolls into the royal capital’s Second Academy, acing every trial that comes his way. But soon after, Mathias discovers the dark truth behind humanity’s downfall into magical mediocrity—demons—and endeavors to remedy the consequence of his millennia-long absence once and for all. [Written by MAL Rewrite]

User Rating : 6.24



Alternative Titles
Title : Shikkakumon no Saikyou Kenja
English : The Strongest Sage with the Weakest Crest
Japanese : 失格紋の最強賢者
Synonyms : The Strongest Sage of Disqualified Crest , Shikkakumon no Saikyokenja

Type : TV
User Rating : 6.24
Episodes : 12
Premiered : winter 2022
Aired : Jan 8, 2022 to Mar 26, 2022
Airing Status : Finished Airing
Genres : Action, Adventure, Fantasy
Duration : 23 min per ep
Rating : PG-13 – Teens 13 or older
Broadcast : Saturdays at 22:00 (JST)
Producers : Square Enix , NBCUniversal Entertainment Japan , Medicos Entertainment , Sammy , GREE , Good Smile Film , SB Creative
Licensors : None
Studio : J.C.Staff
Source : Light novel
Season : winter
Themes : Reincarnation
Demographics : None
Rank : 7823
Popularity : 1207
Members : 161682
Favorites : 1074

Characters & Voice Actors

Aventrot, Lurie
Suzushiro, Sayumi
Hildesheimer, Mathias
Tamaki, Nina
Izawa, Shiori
Lepsius, Alma
Shiraishi, Haruka


Tomita Akihiro

Akitaya Noriaki

Nakashima Yuki
Theme Song Performance

Theme Song Performance

Delhausse Jean-Marc
ADR Director

Kazabana Huuka
Original Character Design

Theme Songs

“Leap of faith” by fripSide
“Day of Bright Sunshine” by Yuki Nakashima


User : _lapeace
overall : 3 story : 1 animation : 6 sound : 5 character : 3 enjoyment : 1
Review : MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS: In storytelling, you show NOT tell. I have dropped this for three reasons: 1. Matty is often explaining what the heck is going on. The amount of his screentime was just him explaining his plans, his powers, and his goals. It was also the same for other characters around him who often has to comment how surprisingly strong ang amazing he was. To be honest, it felt like Matty was a storyteller—you have to listen to him and not watch him grow. Does that even make sense? 2. Eve…
User : SpRayquaza11
overall : 5 story : 6 animation : 6 sound : 6 character : 4 enjoyment : 5
Review : “Well at least it’s not another isekai” –stupid pea-brain anituber (and their bandwagoners) This may be rather blunt but this is just plain old power fantasy anime, where the character is just on New game +. This anime is too lazy to even be an isekai XD In every situation there is this single asspull, “I know this because of my previous life, hence trust me bro / I did this in my previous life/I know this chic from previous life / I made this shit in previous life hence it’s strong” Now power f…
User : VortexRy
overall : 4 story : 3 animation : 4 sound : 4 character : 3 enjoyment : 4
Review : Just a brief review.. First of all, I dropped it because of the style how the anime conveys the story. In the opening of the story, It already jumped where Matty already was grown up, as someone who didn’t read the manga, you will not know what happened after he just yeeted in his past life and reincarnated in the modern time to attain the 4th crest. There is a lack of emphasis on what is already happening and will just be blurted out by one of Matty’s self narrations most of the time. In simple…

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Video Information

[OniiChan] Shikkakumon No Saikyou Kenja [1080p] x265 10bit

Width: 1920 pixels
Height: 1080 pixels
Format: HEVC
Duration: 00:23:40
Bit rate: 1600 Kbps
Frame rate: 23.976 fps
Aspect ratio: 16:9
Bit depth: 10 bits
Color space: YUV
Subtitles: English

Audio track: 1
Language: Japanese
Codec: A_AAC-2
Channels: 2
Bit rate: 128 Kbps
Compression: Lossy
Sampling rate: 44 Khz

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