Justice, and the enforcement of it, has changed. In the 22nd century, Japan enforces the Sibyl System, an objective means of determining the threat level of each citizen by examining their mental state for signs of criminal intent, known as their Psycho-Pass. Inspectors uphold the law by subjugating, often with lethal force, anyone harboring the slightest ill-will; alongside them are Enforcers, jaded Inspectors that have become latent criminals, granted relative freedom in exchange for carrying out the Inspectors’ dirty work. Into this world steps Akane Tsunemori, a young woman with an honest desire to uphold justice. However, as she works alongside veteran Enforcer Shinya Kougami, she soon learns that the Sibyl System’s judgments are not as perfect as her fellow Inspectors assume. With everything she has known turned on its head, Akane wrestles with the question of what justice truly is, and whether it can be upheld through the use of a system that may already be corrupt. [Written by MAL Rewrite]

User Rating : 8.35



Alternative Titles
Title : Psycho-Pass
English : Psycho-Pass
Japanese : サイコパス
Synonyms : Psychopath

Type : TV
User Rating : 8.35
Episodes : 22
Premiered : fall 2012
Aired : Oct 12, 2012 to Mar 22, 2013
Airing Status : Finished Airing
Genres : Action, Sci-Fi, Suspense
Duration : 23 min per ep
Rating : R – 17+ (violence & profanity)
Broadcast : Fridays at 00:45 (JST)
Producers : Dentsu , Fuji TV , Nitroplus , Sony Music Entertainment , TOHO animation , Kyoraku Industrial Holdings
Licensors : Funimation
Studio : Production I.G
Source : Original
Season : fall
Themes : Adult Cast, Detective, Psychological
Demographics : None
Rank : 197
Popularity : 55
Members : 1447575
Favorites : 35412

Characters & Voice Actors

Kougami, Shinya
Seki, Tomokazu
Makishima, Shougo
Sakurai, Takahiro
Tsunemori, Akane
Hanazawa, Kana
Aoyanagi, Risa
Asano, Masumi


Wada Jouji

Morihiro Fumi
Assistant Producer

Motohiro Katsuyuki

Shiotani Naoyoshi
Episode Director
Key Animation

Iwanami Yoshikazu
Sound Director

Endou Hirotaka
Episode Director

Theme Songs

1: “abnormalize” by Ling Tosite Sigure (凛として時雨) (eps 1-11)
2: “Out of Control” by Nothing’s Carved in Stone (eps 12-22)
1: “Namae no nai Kaibutsu (名前のない怪物)” by EGOIST (eps 1-11)
2: “All Alone With You” by EGOIST (eps 12-22)

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