No Game No Life

Sixteen sentient races inhabit Disboard, a world overseen by Tet, the One True God. The lowest of the sixteen—Imanity—consists of humans, a race with no affinity for magic. In a place where everything is decided through simple games, humankind seems to have no way out of their predicament—but the arrival of two outsiders poses a change. On Earth, stepsiblings Sora and Shiro are two inseparable shut-ins who dominate various online games under the username “Blank.” While notorious on the internet, the pair believe that life is merely another dull game. However, after responding to a message from an unknown user, they are suddenly transported to Disboard. The mysterious sender turns out to be Tet, who informs them about the world’s absolute rules. After Tet leaves, Sora and Shiro begin their search for more information and a place to stay, taking them to Elkia—Imanity’s only remaining kingdom. There, the duo encounters Stephanie Dola, an emotional girl vying for the kingdom’s sovereignty. In desperation, she attempts to regain her father’s throne, but her foolhardiness makes her goal unachievable. Inspired by the girl’s motivation and passion, Sora and Shiro decide to aid Stephanie in getting Elkia back on its feet, ultimately aiming to become the new rulers of the enigmatic realm. [Written by MAL Rewrite]

User Rating : 8.11



Alternative Titles
Title : No Game No Life
English : No Game, No Life
Japanese : ノーゲーム・ノーライフ
Synonyms : NGNL

Type : TV
User Rating : 8.11
Episodes : 12
Premiered : spring 2014
Aired : Apr 9, 2014 to Jun 25, 2014
Airing Status : Finished Airing
Genres : Comedy, Fantasy, Ecchi
Duration : 23 min per ep
Rating : PG-13 – Teens 13 or older
Broadcast : Wednesdays at 21:30 (JST)
Producers : Frontier Works , Media Factory , Movic , AT-X
Licensors : Sentai Filmworks
Studio : Madhouse
Source : Light novel
Season : spring
Themes : Isekai, Strategy Game
Demographics : None
Rank : 425
Popularity : 15
Members : 2132389
Favorites : 45860

Characters & Voice Actors

Dola, Stephanie
Hikasa, Youko
Kayano, Ai
Matsuoka, Yoshitsugu
Former King
Fukushima, Jun


Ishizuka Atsuko
Episode Director

Yabuta Shuuhei
Episode Director

Aketagawa Jin
Sound Director

Asaka Morio
Episode Director

Hosokawa Hideki
Episode Director

Shiraishi Michita
Episode Director

Theme Songs

1: “This game” by Konomi Suzuki (eps 2-8, 10)
2: “Onegai☆Snyaiper (おねがい☆すにゃいばー)” by Izuna Hatsuse (Miyuki Sawashiro) (eps 11)
1: “This game” by Konomi Suzuki (eps 1, 12)
2: “Oracion (オラシオン)” by Shiro (Ai Kayano) (eps 2-11)
User : javycane
overall : 4 story : 5 animation : 7 sound : 5 character : 4 enjoyment : 4
Review : “Give people bright colors and fan service and they go crazy and lose any logic” No game No Life is a curious anime to me. I Consider myself to be a not so cruel scorer always giving anime a chance and always looking for positives but this is not the case for No Game No Life with me. Considered to be the next best thing since canned bread everybody seems to love this and I’m the only one who cant see what is so good about it. I will try to give my vision on the show in the next couple of section…
User : HaXXspetten
overall : 10 story : 10 animation : 10 sound : 8 character : 9 enjoyment : 10
Review : 【1】 All bloodshed, war, and pillage is forbidden throughout the world. 【2】 All disputes are to be resolved through the outcome of games. 【3】 In games, wagers will be made on what both parties decide to be of equal value. 【4】 Unless contrary to “Three”, the game content and the things wagered do not matter. 【5】 The challenged party has the right to decide the contents of the game. 【6】 “As per the Oath”, the wager will be unconditionally adhered to. 【7】 All matters for group conflicts will be deci…
User : Myhv
overall : 9 story : 8 animation : 9 sound : 6 character : 9 enjoyment : 10
Review : I don’t normally write reviews, mainly cause I don’t think that many people will be interested in my totally subjective opinion, but this time I decided to make an exception. Mainly cause I can’t stand to see so many people slamming this series with the same repeating arguments, completely ignoring the positives. As I’ve said, I have very much subjective and in many ways probably biased love for the series. I assume it’s mainly because it saved me from the rot of meaningless flashy series, where…

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