Kimi to Boku no Saigo no Senjou, Aruiwa Sekai ga Hajimaru Seisen

A force known as Astral power permeates throughout the world, wielded by astral mages. Fearing its destructive power, the “Empire” persecutes those who show their abilities. The tormented mages then founded the Nebulis Sovereignty to flee from their oppressors. Since then, the two nations have been in bitter conflict, the war still going strong for more than a century. After committing the great crime of freeing an imprisoned witch, the talented knight Iska is sentenced to prison. A year later, the Empire leadership suddenly decides to set him free, with the condition that he hunts down a fearsome mage known as the “Ice Calamity Witch.” Hoping to end the war, Iska agrees. Coincidentally, the Ice Calamity Witch herself, Aliceliese “Alice” Lou Nebulis XI, also wishes for peace and is willing to do everything she can to bring down the Empire. As Iska and Alice both yearn for a crusade that will turn the world into one without struggle, woe, or pain, the strings of fate tie them ever closer together, creating a bond that goes beyond something fabricated by mere coincidence. [Written by MAL Rewrite]

User Rating : 6.62



Alternative Titles
Title : Kimi to Boku no Saigo no Senjou, Aruiwa Sekai ga Hajimaru Seisen
English : Our Last Crusade or the Rise of a New World
Japanese : キミと僕の最後の戦場、あるいは世界が始まる聖戦
Synonyms : The Last Battlefield Between You and I , or Perhaps the Beginning of the World’s Holy War , Kimisen

Type : TV
User Rating : 6.62
Episodes : 12
Premiered : fall 2020
Aired : Oct 7, 2020 to Dec 23, 2020
Airing Status : Finished Airing
Genres : Action, Fantasy, Romance
Duration : 23 min per ep
Rating : PG-13 – Teens 13 or older
Broadcast : Wednesdays at 23:30 (JST)
Producers : Pony Canyon , Bit grooove promotion , A3
Licensors : Funimation
Source : Light novel
Season : fall
Themes : Military
Demographics : None
Rank : 5683
Popularity : 860
Members : 223987
Favorites : 1093

Characters & Voice Actors

Kobayashi, Yuusuke
Lou Nebulis IX, Aliceliese
Amamiya, Sora
Alkastone, Nene
Ishihara, Kaori


Minato Mirai

Oonuma Shin

Gou Fumiyuki
Sound Director

Amamiya Sora
Theme Song Performance

Ishihara Kaori
Theme Song Performance

Aoki Shinpei
Character Design

Theme Songs

“Against.” by Kaori Ishihara
“Koori no Torikago (氷の鳥籠)” by Aliceliese Lou Nebulis IX (Sora Amamiya)
User : Stark700
overall : 3 story : 3 animation : 4 sound : 3 character : 2 enjoyment : 3
Review : Sometimes, it’s just easy to be tricked by an anime’s potential. Judging by the premise, this show sounded like your typical, generic light novel adaptation. And you’d be right. It isn’t masking its potential in any way or form. Sadly, that means it’s exactly you’d expect: a military fantasy of mediocrity. Our Last Crusade or The Rise of a New World tells the story of a young man named Iska, caught in between a conflict involving the Heavenly Empire and the Nebulis Sovereignty. To put it simply,…
User : AlexPaulLEWZ
overall : 10 story : 10 animation : 10 sound : 10 character : 10 enjoyment : 10
Review : The power of coincidences is very interesting, but what if it was powered up to the point that it strengthens bonds between two people? I’m sure that almost everyone knows what Romeo and Juliet is. It’s one of the most recognizable and popular works of literature known to mankind. As what people would already know, it’s about a boy named Romeo and a girl named Juliet whose families are in conflict with each other, and after their deaths, the Montague and Capulet families stopped their feud. That…
User : evLRise
overall : 1 story : 1 animation : 6 sound : 5 character : 1 enjoyment : 1
Review : From silver link, the studio which is already notorious to me as the one which releases the most generic, cliche animes comes Our last Crusade or the rising of a new world. To put it simply, our last crusade is a collection of bits and pieces from other animes ( be them good or awful ), mashed together in the most disgusting way possible and vomited on an already dirty plate. In other words, an omlette made out of leftovers from fate powers, rent-a-girlfriend trash tropes, SAO main characters, *…

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