Kimi no Suizou wo Tabetai

The aloof protagonist: a bookworm who is deeply detached from the world he resides in. He has no interest in others and is firmly convinced that nobody has any interest in him either. His story begins when he stumbles across a handwritten book, titled “Living with Dying.” He soon identifies it as a secret diary belonging to his popular, bubbly classmate Sakura Yamauchi. She then confides in him about the pancreatic disease she is suffering from and that her time left is finite. Only her family knows about her terminal illness; not even her best friends are aware. Despite this revelation, he shows zero sympathy for her plight, but caught in the waves of Sakura’s persistent buoyancy, he eventually concedes to accompanying her for her remaining days. As the pair of polar opposites interact, their connection strengthens, interweaving through their choices made with each passing day. Her apparent nonchalance and unpredictability disrupts the protagonist’s impassive flow of life, gradually opening his heart as he discovers and embraces the true meaning of living. [Written by MAL Rewrite]

User Rating : 8.57



Alternative Titles
Title : Kimi no Suizou wo Tabetai
English : I Want To Eat Your Pancreas
Japanese : 君の膵臓をたべたい
Synonyms : KimiSui , Let Me Eat Your Pancreas

Type : Movie
User Rating : 8.57
Episodes : 1
Premiered : None
Aired : Sep 1, 2018
Airing Status : Finished Airing
Genres : Drama, Romance, Slice of Life
Duration : 1 hr 48 min
Rating : PG-13 – Teens 13 or older
Broadcast : None
Producers : Aniplex
Licensors : Aniplex of America
Studio : Studio VOLN
Source : Novel
Season : None
Themes : None
Demographics : None
Rank : 88
Popularity : 187
Members : 757049
Favorites : 16867

Characters & Voice Actors

Shiga, Haruki
Takasugi, Mahiro
Yamauchi, Sakura
Miyata, Issei
Fukushima, Jun
Shiga, Father
Miki, Shinichiro


Ushijima Shinichirou

Hata Shouji
Sound Director

Itamura Tomoyuki
Episode Director

Theme Song Performance

Ajiki Kei
Key Animation

Arai Hirotoshi
Animation Director

Theme Songs

“Fanfare (ファンファーレ)” by sumika
“Shunkashuutou (春夏秋冬)” by sumika


User : AurumGG
overall : 8 story : 0 animation : 0 sound : 0 character : 0 enjoyment : 0
Review : Kimi no Suizou wo Tabetai (I Want to Eat Your Pancreas) is predictable, heavy-handed, unoriginal, and, yet, I still love this film. I do not love the movie in any sort of guilty-pleasure way either; I unironically think Kimi no Suizou wo Tabetai is one of the best anime films I have ever seen. Why, though? Well, the film uses its predictability, heavy-handedness, and unoriginality to craft a message that is so unbelievably powerful, and it struck a chord with me and left my emotions in absolute,…
User : eizeral
overall : 10 story : 10 animation : 9 sound : 9 character : 10 enjoyment : 10
Review : Say what you want about this movie being generic or being acclaimed only because it is a “tearjerker”, but I don’t care. I loved this movie, and I cried my eyes out. The reason people love tearjerkers is because people want to be moved. We want to experience something that will truly take us away from our lives and make us feel something so strong that we are moved to tears. This movie did just that. In an effort to avoid spoiling anything for anyone, I won’t write about the climax and ending, b…
User : Karhu
overall : 4 story : 0 animation : 0 sound : 0 character : 0 enjoyment : 0
Review : [Spoiler Warning] ‘I Want to Eat Your Pancreas’ is a common drama production to this industry. It offers generic school settings with rather superficial teenage characters. The only thing it tries to accomplish is toy with its viewers’ emotions to the point of some cheap tearjerking. Those who are okay with this will most definitely see how the movie accomplishes exactly all the thing it wants to. Those who want something more from anime, should look elsewhere. This movie is a story about death….

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