High School DxD Hero

After rescuing his master, Rias Gremory, from the Dimensional Gap, Red Dragon Emperor and aspiring Harem King Issei Hyoudou can finally return to his high school activities alongside fellow members of the Occult Research Club: Yuuto Kiba, Asia Argento, Xenovia Quarta, and Irina Shidou. The group soon embarks on a school trip to Kyoto. While peacefully visiting a temple thanks to Rias’ spell, an attacking group of local youkai breaks the calm atmosphere. Once the altercation ends, the club learns that the mythical nine-tailed fox that protected the city was abducted and that someone has framed them for the act. Issei and his friends will now have to fight to protect the city and save their school trip from a planned disaster! In the meantime, Rias, who had to stay in Tokyo with Akeno Himejima and Koneko Toujou, grows increasingly restless to have left the perverted Issei alone with the other girls of the Occult Research Club. Beyond this vague anxiety, what is the exact nature of the feelings Rias has been struggling with for the past few months? [Written by MAL Rewrite]

User Rating : 7.26



Alternative Titles
Title : High School DxD Hero
English : High School DxD Hero
Japanese : ハイスクールDxD HERO
Synonyms : High School DxD Season 4

Type : TV
User Rating : 7.26
Episodes : 12
Premiered : spring 2018
Aired : Apr 17, 2018 to Jul 3, 2018
Airing Status : Finished Airing
Genres : Action, Comedy, Romance, Ecchi
Duration : 23 min per ep
Rating : R+ – Mild Nudity
Broadcast : Tuesdays at 23:00 (JST)
Producers : AT-X
Licensors : Funimation
Studio : Passione
Source : Light novel
Season : spring
Themes : Harem, Mythology, School
Demographics : None
Rank : 2695
Popularity : 425
Members : 430138
Favorites : 2303

Characters & Voice Actors

Argento, Asia
Asakura, Azumi
Gremory, Rias
Hikasa, Youko
Himejima, Akeno
Itou, Shizuka
Hyoudou, Issei
Kaji, Yuuki


Sueda Yoshifumi

Aketagawa Jin
Sound Director

Majima Takahiro
Episode Director

Tachibana Saori
Episode Director

Konuta Kenji
Series Composition

Matsuo Shin
Animation Director
Special Effects

Theme Songs

“SWITCH” by Minami
“Motenai Kuse ni (モテないくせに(`;ω;´))” by Tapimiru


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User : Stark700
overall : 6 story : 6 animation : 6 sound : 6 character : 6 enjoyment : 6
Review : From the depths of fanservicy guilty pleasure of hell makes the return of High School DxD Hero. It’s been nearly 3 years since the last time this anime aired on TV and to be honest, it needed a break after the disastrous third season. High School DxD Born left a bad taste in my mouth after seeing how far the franchise has fallen. Is Hero a chance for the show to redeem itself? The fourth season covers the volume 9 and 10 from the light novels. This didn’t come as a surprise as the franchise has …
overall : 9 story : 9 animation : 9 sound : 10 character : 8 enjoyment : 9
Review : Highschool DxD’s 4th Season ended with a promo for the next season? Well! Only time will tell that possibility! Now… for my review. Art: 9/10 Most of the fans really liked the previous art where the TNK is the one who made that! I also liked that art style of TNK but there is some flaws of it. Like the animation for the fights in the previous seasons, Some of those fight scenes were like a GIF or something like those old anime fight scenes. The thing that I like in TNK’s were the character des…
User : maartens31
overall : 7 story : 0 animation : 0 sound : 0 character : 0 enjoyment : 0
Review : Boobies Sweet, now I got your attention. All right, if you are into High School DxD, you’re gonna like this. If you are not, then why are you still here? If you haven’t seen it, then go watch the other seasons first, otherwise you’re going to be clueless. In fact, for those who have mostly forgotten, I’ll give a 4-sentence summary of what previously happened(Then I’ll immediately get into the review.): Issei has the Sacred Gear of Red Dragon Emperor DDraig. He has become a demon of the Gremory H…

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