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Hello, this is Mod Yato with your official FAQ page.

So in light of people completely ignoring rules, being lazy and expecting us mods to be responsive 24/7, here’s to hoping that this new page is useful and to be constantly checked before asking for an anime that may be already on the list or is in progress and just other things we’ve dealt with since the founding of the website.

Something that you need to keep in mind, we don’t COPY nor Disturbed anything! All We do is share. We also do not store any copyright protected files on our websites/servers, and any linked content is stored only on third-party websites. Since freedom of speech is allowed in this industry, we do not act in any kind of copyright infringement.

Our Partners (affiliated sites): We are affiliated with Anicore.org, DramaHeaven.org, Myotaku.space and Anime.Solutions

What’s this site about?
Small sized anime download in batch as well each episode for on-going and completed animes, movies, manga!
Are the anime subbed or dubbed?
About 99% of them are subbed with a portion of them are dual or multi-audio dubbed. That’s what was available at the time when we processed them but if we later find the dual audio, we encode and update it on the website.

How long does it take to process a new episode and a new movie?
We need roughly 24-48 hours after release of the episode but, we have mods which has their life so it may take longer sometime.

“I want this anime” or this anime’s link is broken”
If that’s the case, feel free to message on the group server at telegram or discord!

Do we encode anime, movies?
Yes, we do! We encode and share.

Having any trouble playing videos?
Mostly you are not using VLC player, if you use it then it should be working fine! Even if there is an issue, let us know.

Who are you guys?
We’re a group of people passionate about what we do. We encode anime in our freetime as a hobby and we gain very little to nothing doing so. It’s our hobby and we’re just glad to share with you this awesome media.

Why is there some anime I can’t download here?
Download related questions here -> How to Download from AnimeKuro

Why should I donate?

  • Help us continue existing
  • Gain access to every series @ high speed (unlimited downloads)
  • To improve our service
  • Cool role on the discord server!
  • Priority in requests

How do I donate?
Donation related questions here -> How to Donate 😋

OR You can also contact us via discord server

I just donated. How long does it take for me to get my details?
The process is not automated and we need to confirm your donation manually so it will take roughly up to 24 hours.

The subtitles don’t show or don’t work?
We recommend using MPC and/or VLC player with CCCP codec pack installed. This will solve 99% percent of the playback issues. Sometimes VLC will crash on ED/OP so try MPC player if this happens.

Can I use a download manager/accelerator?
Yes. Our DDL system is compatible with download managers and accelerators like Internet Download Manager and JDownloader (preffered).

Can I search by Genre?
All of our posts/anime have tags that define the genres. You can use the search bar and type the genre you want and the results will show respectively.

How can I know if the series is already on site?
There is a search bar

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