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AnimeSub been providing the community with subs for years now (like, a ton XD), and we try hard to keep archives for everyone’s easy access. We, of course, do shows every season, as well. Over our long years, that show number has risen, and our server costs are a bit much right now. To continue providing the community with its beloved subs, AnimeSub needs your help. In other words, we poor guys, please help!

Getting straight onto the nitty-gritty (hehe, he said gritty), our current maintaining cost stands at €220.99. 0__0

We do what we can, but we would greatly appreciate any support we can get. To try and make donations simple and easy, we have decided to move to a service that some of you may be familiar with, called Patreon (Wooot!).
Here is a link to our Patreon:

We appreciate support from anyone, in any amount. Even a dollar from enough people can make a significant difference for us, so please, consider supporting us so we can continue delivering the subs you love, with the highest quality possible. We’re begging here… T___T

In addition, in the near future we are considering different rewards we may make available through goals on Patreon, and we want your opinions on what those might be! Admittedly we don’t have all that much to give, but please, suggest some ideas in the comments below, and we’ll take all opinions into consideration.

We also accept Bitcoins and Patreon

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If you’d like to donate with PayPal then please leave a message here, we’ll email you then.

Please keep it reasonable and within our ability if you please :).

Thank you very much for hearing us out, and thanks to everyone who decides to support us on Patreon from all of here in AnimeSub! We love you guys! In THAT way ;).

€5 – VPN
€10 – Reverse Proxy
$20.99 – Security / CDN
€15 – Our Websites Hosting
€60 – Storage Server
€90 – Dedicated Server For Encoding
€20 – OneDrive Storage

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Last Edited: May 23, 2022


To reiterate:

€220.99 debt

Patreon (Paypal/Card)

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PayPal per email (Contact us via discord)

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