Domestic na Kanojo

In their teenage years, few things can hurt people more than the heartaches that come with unrequited love. Such is the case for Natsuo Fujii, who has found himself entranced by his school’s ever-cheerful teacher Hina. Deflated by this unreachable desire, Natsuo humors his friends and attends a mixer. There he meets Rui, a girl whose lack of excitement rivals that of himself. After bonding over their mutual awkwardness, Rui takes Natsuo to her house and asks him to have sex with her, hoping that the experience will stop her friends from treating her like a clueless child. With his hopeless feelings towards Hina still on his mind, Natsuo hesitantly agrees. Equally unfulfilled by their “first times,” the two decide to part ways as strangers. However, before he even has a chance to process this experience, Natsuo’s father drops a major bombshell: he is getting remarried, and his new wife Tsukiko Tachibana is coming over now to meet Natsuo. As if that was not enough of a shock, her daughters—and, in turn, Natsuo’s new sisters—are Hina and Rui Tachibana, the woman he’s in love with and the girl with whom he shared his first night. Now, Natsuo must come to terms with the feelings he has for his step-siblings as his eyes open to a darker side of love. [Written by MAL Rewrite]

User Rating : 6.7



Alternative Titles
Title : Domestic na Kanojo
English : Domestic Girlfriend
Japanese : ドメスティックな彼女
Synonyms : Dome x Kano , Domekano

Type : TV
User Rating : 6.7
Episodes : 12
Premiered : winter 2019
Aired : Jan 12, 2019 to Mar 30, 2019
Airing Status : Finished Airing
Genres : Drama, Romance
Duration : 25 min per ep
Rating : R+ – Mild Nudity
Broadcast : Saturdays at 01:55 (JST)
Producers : Mainichi Broadcasting System , Kodansha , flying DOG , DMM pictures , Bit Promotion
Licensors : Sentai Filmworks
Studio : Diomedéa
Source : Manga
Season : winter
Themes : Love Polygon, School
Demographics : Shounen
Rank : 5291
Popularity : 263
Members : 625642
Favorites : 5076

Characters & Voice Actors

Fujii, Natsuo
Yashiro, Taku
Tachibana, Hina
Hikasa, Youko
Tachibana, Rui
Uchida, Maaya
Ashihara, Miu
Kohara, Konomi


Ibata Shouta
Episode Director
Animation Director

Tateishi Yayoi
Sound Director

Ou Jackson

Aoyama Hiroshi

Kakuchi Takudai

Kusakawa Keizou

Theme Songs

“Kawaki wo Ameku (カワキヲアメク)” by Minami
1: “Wagamama (わがまま)” by Alisa Takigawa (eps 1-7, 9-12)
2: “always” by Alisa Takigawa (eps 8)

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User : RebelPanda
overall : 2 story : 2 animation : 3 sound : 5 character : 2 enjoyment : 3
Review : ***THIS REVIEW CONTAINS SPOILERS AND FILTHY LANGUAGE FOR A FILTHY ANIME*** Welcome aboard Domestic Dumpsterfire, the train to hell… Along the way, we’ll see plenty of incest, degeneracy, forced drama, braindead characters, and the main reason why this show so popular, sex scenes ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). Ladies and gentlemen, I implore you, now is the time to grab a shovel and join me in burying abomination for good. Once upon a time, there was a dumb sack of potatoes named Natsuo. Fittingly, his name sounds…
User : Karhu
overall : 8 story : 0 animation : 0 sound : 0 character : 0 enjoyment : 0
Review : I really like this “all women are whores and men even worse” take on the romance genre because it’s just the most realistic thing that can occur to anyone older than 15. This spiced with some dramatic edgy and lots of sex are basically the best things in life anyway. Our story starts off with the aftermaths of our main bro losing his virginity to some random girl who basically went “I am so bored I want to bang you” and then they did. Unfortunately this dude is also in love with (or more like lu…
User : AlucardNoYuuutsu
overall : 1 story : 1 animation : 4 sound : 4 character : 1 enjoyment : 2
Review : SPOILERS INCLUDED. (I didn’t read the manga so I can’t compare manga and anime side-by-side). Will you do it with me, here? – random passing girl, age 16. After this awful experience, I have to confirm my theory: don’t follow friends’ recommendations. I didn’t want to watch Domestic na Kanojo, but some guys were saying Wow! It was E-P-I-C, watch it! – and I had time to waste – so in the end I decided to watch it and… what can I say? It was horrible. – Plot The premise is quite dumb, because Do…

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