Dimension W

In the near future, humans have discovered a fourth dimension, Dimension W, and a supposedly infinite source of energy within. In order to harness this profound new energy, mankind develops advanced “coils,” devices that link to and use the power of Dimension W. However, by year 2071, the New Tesla Energy corporation has monopolized the energy industry with coils, soon leading to the illegal distribution of unofficial coils that begin flooding the markets. Kyouma Mabuchi is an ex-soldier who is wary of all coil-based technology to the extent that he still drives a gas-powered car. Kyouma is a “Collector,” individuals with the sole duty of hunting down illegal coils in exchange for money. What started out as just any other mission is turned on its head when he bumps in Mira Yurizaki, an android with a connection to the “father” of coils. When a series of strange events begin to take place, these two unlikely allies band together to uncover the mysteries of Dimension W. [Written by MAL Rewrite]

User Rating : 7.2



Alternative Titles
Title : Dimension W
English : Dimension W
Japanese : Dimension W
Synonyms :

Type : TV
User Rating : 7.2
Episodes : 12
Premiered : winter 2016
Aired : Jan 10, 2016 to Mar 27, 2016
Airing Status : Finished Airing
Genres : Action, Sci-Fi
Duration : 24 min per ep
Rating : R – 17+ (violence & profanity)
Broadcast : Sundays at 22:30 (JST)
Producers : Bandai Visual , Square Enix , Lantis , Tokyo MX , Good Smile Company , Q-Tec , I Will
Licensors : Funimation
Studio : Orange , Studio 3Hz
Source : Manga
Season : winter
Themes : None
Demographics : Seinen
Rank : 2987
Popularity : 697
Members : 279311
Favorites : 794

Characters & Voice Actors

Mabuchi, Kyouma
Ono, Daisuke
Yurizaki, Mira
Ueda, Reina
Antonov, Yuri
Mamiya, Yasuhiro
Ayukawa, Mana
Hioka, Natsumi


Kamei Kanta

Aketagawa Jin
Sound Director

Kawakoshi Takahiro
Episode Director

Noshitani Mitsutaka
Episode Director

Shibata Akihisa
Episode Director

Tachibana Masaki
Episode Director
Key Animation

Theme Songs

“Genesis” by STEREO DIVE FOUNDATION (eps 1-11)
1: “Contrast” by Fo’xTails (eps 1-11)
2: “Genesis” by STEREO DIVE FOUNDATION (eps 12)


User : 2LongDidntReview
overall : 9 story : 8 animation : 9 sound : 9 character : 9 enjoyment : 10
Review : *Spoilers will exist to explain why this show is great* Story: 8 Now some of you have heard that time is considered part of the fourth dimension, but what if you were told that there is a dimension that contains all of the possibilities in the world? This is basically what the story is based on. The anime does not explain the mechanics of Dimension W too deeply, but it explores it enough to give us an understanding of what it’s trying to convey, such as when coils go haywire and Dimension W mani…
User : Stark700
overall : 8 story : 7 animation : 7 sound : 8 character : 8 enjoyment : 8
Review : Watching Dimension W makes me feel a bit like my childhood days. I’d watch some random anime on TV with my friends on Toonami and we’d make jokes about the story, characters, artwork, and every other funny thing going on. Dimension W isn’t a funny story but it does have the feel of a show that’s aimed at the Western audience. And furthermore, it takes place in a fictional world in the future so there’s tons of potential. Dimension W capitalizes on those potentials and makes this show not just fu…
User : lawlmartz
overall : 6 story : 6 animation : 6 sound : 6 character : 6 enjoyment : 7
Review : If there’s one anime this season that went unnoticed, unhyped, and maybe even unfairly underrated, it’s Dimension W. While not the flashiest, and certainly not the most outstanding anime- DimW has one thing going for it: it’s original. Sidestepping the trappings and tropes that seem to permeate modern anime, and instead embracing a groovy sci-fi near future with androids, flying cars, giant robots, and more- this one was a definite breath of fresh air. Produced by Studio 3Hz, apparently a very n…

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