Black Lagoon

Within Thailand is Roanapur, a depraved, crime-ridden city where not even the authorities or churches are untouched by the claws of corruption. A haven for convicts and degenerates alike, the city is notorious for being the center of illegal activities and operations, often fueled by local crime syndicates. Enter Rokurou Okajima, an average Japanese businessman who has been living a dull and monotonous life, when he finally gets his chance for a change of pace with a delivery trip to Southeast Asia. His business trip swiftly goes downhill as Rokurou is captured by a mercenary group operating in Roanapur, called Black Lagoon. The group plans to use him as a bargaining chip in negotiations which ultimately failed. Now abandoned and betrayed by his former employer, Rokurou decides to join Black Lagoon. In order to survive, he must quickly adapt to his new environment and prepare himself for the bloodshed and tribulation to come. A non-stop, high-octane thriller, Black Lagoon delves into the depths of human morality and virtue. Witness Rokurou struggling to keep his values and philosophies intact as he slowly transforms from businessman to ruthless mercenary. [Written by MAL Rewrite]

User Rating : 8.03



Alternative Titles
Title : Black Lagoon
English : Black Lagoon
Synonyms :

Type : TV
User Rating : 8.03
Episodes : 12
Premiered : spring 2006
Aired : Apr 9, 2006 to Jun 25, 2006
Airing Status : Finished Airing
Genres : Action
Duration : 24 min per ep
Rating : R – 17+ (violence & profanity)
Broadcast : Sundays at 02:35 (JST)
Producers : Geneon Universal Entertainment , Shogakukan
Licensors : Funimation , Geneon Entertainment USA
Studio : Madhouse
Source : Manga
Season : spring
Themes : Adult Cast, Organized Crime
Demographics : Seinen
Rank : 523
Popularity : 147
Members : 862802
Favorites : 15583

Characters & Voice Actors

Hirata, Hiroaki
Isobe, Tsutomu
Okajima, Rokurou
Namikawa, Daisuke
Toyoguchi, Megumi


Matsuo Ryouichirou

Katabuchi Sunao
Episode Director
Series Composition

Araki Tetsurou
Episode Director

Katsuki Kunio
Episode Director
Animation Director

Kawamura Kenichi
Episode Director
Assistant Director

Muroi Fumie
Episode Director
Animation Director

Theme Songs

“Red Fraction” by MELL
“Don’t Look Behind” by EDISON

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    "You’ve set fire to my frozen heart, I shall engrave this anger and sadness that’s running through my blood onto you.”

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