Ahiru no Sora

Lacking what is considered the most important asset in basketball, Sora Kurumatani has struggled with his short height since the inception of his love for the game. Despite missing this beneficial aspect, Sora’s unwavering drive never allowed his small stature to dictate his ability to play, believing strongly in trying his hardest and persistently practicing to prove his capability. In hopes of satisfying his mother’s wishes, Sora enters Kuzuryuu High School to become a member of the basketball club and compete wholeheartedly in tournaments. However, Sora is disappointed to find out that the boy’s basketball team is nothing but a retreat for punks who have no interest in the sport. Sora also comes to learn that brothers Chiaki and Momoharu Hanazono—whom he becomes acquainted with—have also lost their once spirited motivation to play. Determined to revive the basketball team, Sora challenges the boys to a match against him, where his quick feet and swift movements overwhelm the group. Gradually affected by Sora’s impressive skills, sheer effort, and tireless devotion to basketball, the boys unexpectedly find their burnt-out passion for the game rekindling once again. [Written by MAL Rewrite]

User Rating : 7.29



Alternative Titles
Title : Ahiru no Sora
English : None
Japanese : あひるの空
Synonyms :

Type : TV
User Rating : 7.29
Episodes : 50
Premiered : fall 2019
Aired : Oct 2, 2019 to Sep 30, 2020
Airing Status : Finished Airing
Genres : Sports
Duration : 24 min per ep
Rating : PG-13 – Teens 13 or older
Broadcast : Wednesdays at 17:55 (JST)
Producers : TV Tokyo , Kodansha , AT-X , King Records , DMM pictures
Licensors : Sentai Filmworks
Studio : Diomedéa
Source : Manga
Season : fall
Themes : School, Team Sports
Demographics : Shounen
Rank : 2511
Popularity : 1112
Members : 171060
Favorites : 718

Characters & Voice Actors

Hanazono, Momoharu
Uchida, Yuuma
Hanazono, Chiaki
Konishi, Katsuyuki
Kurumatani, Sora
Kaji, Yuuki
Natsume, Kenji
Taniyama, Kishou


Umetsu Satoshi

Kusakawa Keizou

Tamaki Shingo

Aketagawa Jin
Sound Director

Yamamoto Yoosuke
Episode Director

Itamura Tomoyuki

Theme Songs

1: “Happy Go Ducky!” by the pillows (eps 1-13)
2: “Nevermind (ネバーマインド)” by flumpool (eps 13-24)
3: “Humming Bird (ハミングバード)” by BLUE ENCOUNT (eps 25-36)
4: “Rebirth” by ACIDMAN (eps 37-49)
1: “Tsubasa (ツバサ)” by Saji (saji-サジ) (eps 1-13)
2: “Over” by Yuuma Uchida (eps 13-24)
3: “Hikari Sasu Hou e (光射す方へ)” by Mamoru Miyano (eps 25-36)
4: “Taiyou Runner (太陽ランナー)” by Shougo Sakamoto (eps 37-38, 40-49)
5: “Happy Go Ducky!” by the pillows (eps 50)

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User : Humbby
overall : 4 story : 6 animation : 4 sound : 6 character : 5 enjoyment : 3
Review : I want to start by saying that a lot of people compare this anime to Kuroko no Basket. Completely Absurd, you can’t compare the 2. With that said lets get Into the review (time of writing this review I have seen 18 episodes). The Animation: It’s bad, It uses a lot of still Images and I’m thinking, Why, just why… why don’t you animate that? Probably a limited budget but It’s so dissapointing to see. Character Development: 18 Episodes Is enough to get you attached to atleast 1 of the characters….
User : Dee333
overall : 8 story : 10 animation : 7 sound : 10 character : 10 enjoyment : 10
Review : I loved the story of this show so much, the characters are the most real I’ve seen in a while; they make mistakes, they fall in love and they’re not all perfect all the time. and they feel like they’re people I know in real life. SPOILERS BELOW In the entire show I don’t think I’ve seen the team win once which as a person who played basketball for 3 years I say that’s the most realistic thing ever basketball takes a lot of time to learn and not a sport you can perfect in a couple of month and it…
User : Nayeriel
overall : 8 story : 7 animation : 6 sound : 6 character : 7 enjoyment : 9
Review : An another sport anime, if you don’t like those type of anime pass away, Ahiru no Sora didn’t revolutionize anything. But If you like this genre then give it a try. I’ll compare this anime in my review with Kuroko no Basket, same sport and popular anime. Date of review : 22/12/19 (will probably make some edits further the anime advance) Story : 7/10 A generic sport anime but not driving by the shonen spirit (for now). Player’s skills seems logical, contrary to Kuroko no Basket, and character’s b…

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